Windows Apps

The most useful Windows Mobile Apps and Games, that’s what we are looking for when we score and test each one so that readers can select to download based on the most up to date information. We review each app in an impartial, unbiased manner and always rank apps based on a rigid criteria which all of our reviewers abide by.

If you are curious about the manner in which we determine an app’s value, here is an explanation about how we rate game apps and mobile apps on a number of different factors such as:


Sound – did the app designer’s sound team do a good job in creating appropriate sound effects and background music?

Graphics – are the graphics correct for the type of app that is being reviewed?  In other words, if nextgen graphics were advertised, does the app/game in fact have the most current graphics and are they appropriate for the lowest specs of the device for which it was developed?

Features – are the advertised features actually in the application?  Are the features useful and important to the functionality of the app?

Ease of Use – is the app documented correctly, is it easy to use?

User Interface – is the interface intuitive, easy to navigate?

Reuse-ability –  Would this app be used more than twenty times?  Would this be an app or mobile game app that would be difficult to delete or would it be the first one to go if you needed to get extra space?

What are the types of apps that we review?

We don’t have a serious focus on any specific type of app, but if we were forced to answer, we do love game apps.  However, we review any category of app which includes office apps, navigation apps, iPhone apps, Windows apps, Android apps, game apps, casino apps and more.  Are you an app developer?  If you would like to let us review your app before it’s general public release, let us know via our contact form.  If we are not able to review your app before your release date, no worries, we do get a lot of review requests and it will be put in queue first come first serve.