HandyPaint 1.12 Drawing Tool for Windows Phone

If you like making pictures on your cell phone and computers then we found a mobile app for you. This app allows you to create new images and edit the ones you already have on your phone. You can even add cool shapes to your pictures. There are many things that you can do with this app.
Handy-Paint-AboutThis app allows you to make your own paintings from your phone. You can even edit the picture that you have already taken. You can even edit screenshots. This app has many tools and features to experiment with. The tools are located on the top of the screen. You can change the toolbar to show as many or as little of these features.
Colors Galore
This app has too many colors to mention. It was created by changing RGB values. You can even make custom colors and save them. This app does not offer colors using HTML colors codes. This app can fill in blank spaces, customize backgrounds, or add lines. To use these features just click in the bottom left on corner on the screen.
Drawing Tools
This app comes with many tools to create great artwork. You can draw basic lines, curves, and even odd shapes using the tool on this app. The tools allow you to draw solid figures or outlines only. There are odd shapes such as ellipses, curves, and rhombuses on the shape list. All you need to do is click and drag to customize the size. The color selection bar slides out of the way so it does not interfere with the picture. The drawing tool bar can also be made smaller. The only problem is this app does not all you to customize text.
 Handy Paint tools
Handy Paint Art
Additional Features
This app works with a number of formats including GIF and JPG. It also allows you to work on bmp,jpeg, and gif images. You can send images through email, IR, or MMS. There are additional features to help you learn how to use the app. This app does not yet have the ability to post on Twitter or Facebook or use Bluetooth.
 Handy Paint Menu
This app works well with HTC Diamond and allows you to work on the move. This app is good for drawing and editing. It does cost money. The price of $14.95 a month may prevent casual users for signing up.
 Tested On: HTC Hermes and Diamond
 Pros to this program:
Great features for smartphone
Vivid colors and graphics
Allows pictures to be saved in different formats

Hard for fingers to use on small screen
Takes some practice to get shapes the right size
Has a monthly fee

Room for Improvements:
Change the brush types or fill types
Compatible with social media
Allow changes to be made to the text
Indicate the center of a figure