Love Hurts Version 1

Love Hurts is a brand new exciting game created by XiMAD. XiMAD is the same company that released fun games like Platinum Roulette, Best Tic Tac Toe, and Droplets for mobile apps lovers. Let’s see how Love Hurts stacks up against these games.


Love Hurts

I did not see the icon after I installed the game. I was slightly nervous, but the icon appeared after a quick reboot. Please keep in mind that the game screen will feature the landscape mode. The game is designed to support this mode. You will immediately see Juliet wearing an attractive bikini on the game menu screen.lovehurts-gameplay-2

You will also see the following game menu options:





The game allows you to make adjustments to the vibration and sound. You may be disappointed to see that you will not be able to disable the accelerometer. You are forced to deal only with the on screen controls. The local high-scores can be reset on this menu.

Romeo is finding it very difficult to impress his Juliet in this game. He has the difficult task of avoiding bulky furniture and musical instruments while he tries to win her heart with serenades and flowers. Juliet’s neighbors are not’ impressed with his romantic efforts.

It is imperative for you to use the touch screen controls and accelerometer precisely. They will help Romeo avoid these dangerous objects throughout the entire game. The game centers around several levels set in some of the most romantic areas in the world.

Your aim is to capture the hearts tossed out the window by Juliet. Her neighbors will throw furniture at you. You must avoid these objects at all cost!

You are given three lives at the start of the game. You can proceed to the next level after capturing a certain number of hearts.

I was surprised to see that the game does not have any background music. Many other games in the mobile apps sector have background music. I am impressed the game’s graphics. The game becomes more challenging as you advance to higher levels.

At the end of the day, I find the game to be pretty good in the realm of mobile apps. It is designed to provide hours of entertainment.


Exceptional graphics


You must capture an enormous amounts of hearts with limited life

Suggested Improvements:

The developers should consider adding a level selector and a setting for difficulty to the game in the future