Missile Command mobile app

Most of you probably require no introduction to the Missile Command mobile app. Therefore, inspired by this game and its popularity, has released a new arcade retro shooter 2012 with gameplay that revolves around the theory that the world would end in 2012.


It’s 2012 and the world is about to end; if you don’t stop a huge group of asteroids from hitting the Earth. To help you with this endeavor, you will be supplied with spaceship equipped with some heavy duty weaponry that will enable you to destroy the asteroids.

Who Can Play This Game

This game is compatible for Pocket PC 2003 or higher with QVGA screen resolution. I tried this game out on my VGA Touch Diamond and I had absolutely no problems. I must admit however, that the graphics were not that impressive but I could deal with them. I’m also going to admit that it might have something to do with the VGA screen. Still, I think that the developers of these types of mobile apps should know that GVGA screens are very old and won’t be in use for much longer.


The main interface is very simple to understand and navigate. In addition, you are given the option of 3 modes of gameplay with three levels of difficulty. The 3 modes of gameplay are:

• Campaign: In this mode, you can expect to deal with 5 waves of asteroids in each leve;l of which there are 15. Each level gets progressively harder.

• Time Attack: In this mode you will be given the chance to destroy as many asteroids as you can within 20 seconds

•Survival: In this mode, you set yourself up to see how long you can last against infinite waves of asteroids

The spaceship will be in the lower part of the screen (above the Earth) and your job is to shoot down the offending asteroids. To play this game, you must factor in the trajectory and speed of the incoming asteroids in order to time your shoots perfectly.

When you successfully destroy an asteroid, you will earn credits that can be used to repair structural damage or upgrade weapons; weapon upgrade options include nuclear warheads, additional missiles, and faster missiles.

In addition, once the game has started, you can pause it with the menu button that is located in the bottom right corner.The Bottom LineThis game is ok, it isn’t fancy or exciting; but if you like Missile Command, you will love this game! It can be purchased for $2 as a mobile app and there is a version available for the PC that is free.